Corner shower tile layout

9 years ago

I am installing a 38" x 38" neo-angle shower in my small bathroom. The base will be acrylic, and the walls tiled. The room has a low ceiling (7 feet) so I have decided to tile to the ceiling. The shower doors are about 6 feet tall.

I have a few questions -

How do I end the tile at the ceiling - bullnose? Surprisingly, the walls are straight in this old house.

I plan to use white subway tile with a accent border of white 6x6s on the diagonal (flanked by white pencils) How would that look? Where on the wall should it be placed? I would guess midway between the top of the shower door and the shower valve trim?

I cannot recess anything. But should I add a shelf in the corner for soap/shampoo? Or would we just bang into it in such a small space? We are used to this size shower. I should have figured this out before the old shower was ripped out.

The tiler is coming tomorrow!


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