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Help with cracked shower grout!

13 years ago

My new bathroom shower is "almost" ready to use -- or it was. While the plumber was winding up a pipe fitting for the shower, he braced himself against the back wall of the shower. The result was/is a floor-to-ceiling crack in the grout seam at the corner.

The question is: what should I insist on as a fix? I assumed that the grout would have to be dug out & replaced, and told the contractor to contact the tile contractor. But today I talked with the contractor and he was saying, well, this happens, and you can find some matching caulk and caulk over the crack & cover with silicone, blah, blah, etc etc. I told him I want to talk to the tile contractor & see what he thinks. I have a lot of $ in this whole bathroom project and I don't want a "maybe/sorta" fix and a full-length seam that doesn't match.

What do you think is a reasonable expectation? I know absolutely nothing about tile work, except that grouting has to be a pain nobody wants if they can wiggle out of it, and I don't want to be a patsy for this guy.

The other thing is, I have to wonder how this happened at all. Off-hand it seems that with a corner stud and proper backing it shouldn't move enough to cause a crack; OTOH, the plumber was being kind of stupid (IMHO) trying to wind up the elbow with a crummy little 1/2" plastic strap wrench that looked like a jar opener by bracing himself against the wall instead of getting out something sturdier (I was there watching). If there is a call-back for replacing the grout, for sure he will get back-charged for it, and I don't want to get talked into a half-baked fix so he can wiggle out of it.

Opinions, please??

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