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need help with sizing a pedestal sink

12 years ago

Hi..I'm redoing a small (6' x 5') powder room, and am pulling out the vanity (30") and replacing with a pedestal sink (Koehler Memoirs Stately). The vanity and toilet are on the same 6' wall. Can I go with a 30" size pedestal, or will that be too big? I can switch to the Classic model (which comes in 27" I think), if I need that size. The actual sink now is about 20". I'm just not sure how to determine what's best. I'll put in the matching toilet.

I'm also going to replace the floor with ceramic tile on the diagonal, to try and make the room feel bigger. I'm guessing I'll use fairly large tile, but not sure what would optimize the look of 'spaciousness'. Any ideas?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks much


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