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Shower curtain advice please

12 years ago

We're working on a small basement/guest bath remodel (5.5' by 8') and running into some placement problems. One short wall has a window and the other the door into the bathroom. While we were initially thinking of doing a glass enclosure for the shower (no tub), it's looking like a shower curtain would make more sense. With an L type rod/system, we can deal with the window issue as well as compensate for the fact the shower will be on the narrow side (30"ish) since shower curtains have a little more "give" than glass. :-) So, my questions for y'all:

1. Can a shower curtain "work" for a shower without making it look bad/cheap?

2. Other than a standard L curtain rod, have you seen any interesting shower curtain systems that will deal with both the back and side of a shower? In terms of the back of the shower, only about the first 8 inches or so are the window/frame. The rest would be standard tile.

3. Have you come across any interesting clear or translucent shower curtains in your looking? Since it's such a small room, I want to try and keep it as visually open as possible.

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