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Panel-ready ice machine: SZ or Scotsman Brilliance, Manitowoc

10 years ago

So, I finally got our wet bar all set (posted in vain for opinions, well, I guess we all have to make a call sometime!) -

anyway, I had it all set with a Manitowoc ice machine on the right side of a U-line 3000 Series combo wine cooler/bev center. But, we wanted it paneled so it was not a bank of stainless on the right and one lone cabinet on the left.

Unfortunately, I just realized that the Manitowoc version canNOT be paneled, just stainless. HUGE bummer!

What's confusing is the SubZero version which is identical CAN be panel ready - is there any chance the Manitowoc version could be paneled?

If not, that would force me up the price chain to the SZ branded version? I *hate* to pay more for a SZ version just b/c of the name but the design in the room really hinges on that panel.

SO... How do people like their SubZero 15" ice machines? I hate to pay more for just the brand when it's identical to the Manitowoc but we do want it paneled.

The other well-reviewed one that can be paneled is the Scotsman Brilliance model. How loud is this one and can anyone recommend it?

layout below attached

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