Please help me pick a hood by end of Jan: Broan vs Kobe??

11 years ago

I've posted questions about ranges in a few threads and feel like I've probably beaten this to death but I just CANNOT make up my mind on which range hood to buy: Broan Elite 6400 or Kobe CH-191.

Venting Direct is currently offering 10% off all Kobe hoods through end of the month. is willing to price match plus give addtl $20 off so ideally I need to decide by Jan 31.

Basic requirements:

- 30" width (can't go wider b/c of cabinets)

- min 400 cfm (current range is only about 36K total BTU)

- baffle filters

- under hood at least 9-in tall

- Budget: $700 (but preferably less)

Both models meet the above reqs except even w/ the promos, the Kobe would be just over budget at $767.50. The best price I found for Broan, including cashback, would be about $522.

These are the essentially pros/cons I'm struggling with:

Broan E6430


- less expensive and well under budget

- wide distribution so if anything ever happens down the road should be easy to get repaired

- brighter lights (takes 2 50 watt bulbs)


- specs say that loudest setting can get up to 13.5 sones! And reviews I've found have generally confirmed that it gets LOUD.

Meg_ma owns this unit and I've asked her about her experience. She said that if they make sure to turn it on about 15 mins before cooking they usually can leave it on just low, even for high heat sauteeing. But I don't know if we'll always remember to do turn it on ahead of time. We do stir fry and do some cast iron cooking every so often that may require higher settings. Then again it's not like we have a pro range that needs a powerful exhaust so it's possible we might only need to put it on high on the off chance something gets burned.

This is the main thing holding me back from purchasing the Broan.

Kobe CH-191


- Very quite operation (at highest setting supposedly only 4.5 sones)

- 720 cfm vs broan's 600 (in our case, though, this is mostly just icing as 600 should be more than enough)


- Cost is slightly above budget and quite a bit more than broan

- Not very bright lights (only 2 20 watts). At least one Kobe owner on this site said the lack of light was significant enough to make her rethink the purchase.

- Have read a few complaints about how the fan adjustment is not very intuitive to use

Other factors that may be helpful to know are that we're in our first condo and probably aren't likely to be living here forever, so I guess I should try to focus on what I can live with using for another few years but not necessarily have to be stuck with forever.

Also, our kitchen area is not an open floor plan. It's at the back of our condo and there is a doorway to the dining room that we'll probably widen a bit but it's not like everything is part of one big room. If that were the case, I definitely would go for the quieter unit b/c my mom's kitchen is open to her living room and every time you turn on the fan it drowns out the TV, which always annoyed me. But even though it's not as big a factor w/ our layout, people do tend to congregate in our dining room/kitchen when we entertain.

So given all these factors and restrictions, can anyone offer any additional advice to help us make a decision? Is there anything else I'm forgetting to factor in? Or is there maybe another unit at there that fits all of our desires AND comes in at/under budget?

(I know people have praised Modernaire and Prestige, but unfortunately those are definitely out of our price range for this remodel).


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