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discussion on vessel sink and need help finding right vessel sink

16 years ago

I've seen a few posts in the last few months that suggest that vessel sinks will soon be like the avocado and harvest gold kitchens of the past.

Since I'm planning on using vessel sink in my remodel, I'm curious what other people here think.

Personally, I think they will not become like those dated kitchens for a few reasons. The main reason is because of the huge variety of vessel sinks. They come in so many different materials - glass, every sort of stone including granite and marble, copper and other metals, porcelain, and more. There is a huge variety of colors and shapes and they have looks that range from ultra modern to rather old fashioned.

What do you guys think on this?

In my master bath I'm looking for an old fashioned look. I'm putting in a cast iron claw foot tub with old an fashioned looking faucet. I'll have two vanities which are acutal furniture pieces. They look like they could've been in a house in the 1800s. They are the main reason I'm planning on using vessel sinks. They are 32" high which is standard vanity height, but I'd like the sinks to be higher so a 4" or so vessel sink would be ideal. Also by using a vessel sink I will not lose much of my top drawer to the sink. Obviously I want an old fashioned looking vessel, not a modern looking one.

However I do have a dilema.

With the many, many vessel sinks available, you'd think I'd easily be able to find one that's exactly what I want. At least I thought it would be easy.

But No. I look and look and look and still can't find what I want.

Here is a link to a site that has a picture of what I want, but I can't find one like it on any of the web sites that sell vessel sinks.

web site

If you open the link and then search for the words: "Now what about this one?" it'll take you to right below the picture. The vessel has the shape I want and is very shallow like I want. It looks a little larger, diameter wise, than I want, but I'd be ok with this. Since this picture is in an old post on the site and I don't think the blogger actually owned the sink, but rather just saw it and took a picture, I don't think trying to reach him will help.

Have any of you seen a site that sells a vessel sink that looks similar to this?



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