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2 questions re: Blue Star - simmer on 15k and oven performance

12 years ago

Looking to redo kitchen, and one of the big upgrades will be to a high quality range and oven. At this stage we are leaning towards the Blue Star, but two issues concern us.

First, how effectively can you control low-temp on the non-"simmer" burners? I don't expect to be able to make a delicate sauce on the 22k monsters. But can you cook at low temp (simmering a ragu or steaming rice with the absorbtion method) on the regular 15k? Am worried that I might end up with only one burner that will function for a lot of our cooking, which kinda defeats the purpose of getting a 6-top (we're looking at the 36" models). On the flip side, how high do the simmer burners go; should we be thinking about getting two of these?

Second, how reliable and accurate is the gas oven? We've had electric ovens in the past. My wife does a fair bit of baking, so ability to maintain accurate temperature is important. And I'm keen to get into slow-roast, but can you get it to reliably maintain low temperatures? (my understanding so far is that Blue Star only do gas ovens, no dual-fuel models)

Grateful for any input or experience on these fronts. The alternative on the oven concerns, of course, is to go with a gas range and separate wall oven.



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