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Hanging bathroom shelf on drywall?

10 years ago

My 3rd floor bathroom attached to our guest room is tiny. There is no place for guests to rest a travel bag or toothbrush or anything else. I bought some old vintage wall brackets which look great. I want our carpenter to put a shelf above the toilet.

He says that there is nothing to anchor into the wall. He is right. No studs nearby and though our house is 160 years old, this bathroom was added to the attic more recently and has hollow crappy sounding drywall - super thin. No studs to be found.

His solution is to drill a long strip of wood to the wall from the corner all the way across to the mirror. He would paint it the color of the wall and screw the brackets into that. I can see how it would work, but it sounds so inelegant. I would have a shelf with a random strip of ten inches of wood on either side.

Does anybody have a better solution for how to hang brackets and shelf into crappy drywall?

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