Master Bathroom Cabinets Custom or Off the shelf?

7 years ago

I would like to replace my master bathroom cabinets and small bath cabinets and was wondering if there are any other mid priced cabinet companies I should consider besides Merillat (the Classic line) and Timberlake (American Woodmark)? How does QualityCabinets by Masco compare to Merillat Classic price and construction/durability wise?

I would like to keep the same configuration in the master bathroom with a 24"W x 96"H Linen or Utility closet. The remaining 94"-95" length span I'm debating either the following options:

1) One VCD6035 (double door, eight drawer) and one VSB3335B (vanity sink base butt door)

2) Two 36" wide two door two small drawer vanities separated in the middle by a 22"W bank of four drawers.

I'm thinking Option 2 would be more expensive but would look better because there is more symmetry.

The small bath needs a VSB6035-2D.

For this master and small bath cabinet replacement job, would a custom cabinet maker be competitive in price to major brand off the shelf brands?

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