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Recognize this vintage style tile?

12 years ago

This is the inspiration photo for the tilework I'd like to have done in our master bath.

We're looking for this decorative (botanical or acanthus) relief tile capped with a chair rail. In this photo, it looks like the decorative tile and chair rail could be one piece? Does this exist or am I looking at 2 (or 3?) tiles stacked together?

The botanical and cap are lined up directly one on top of the other (unlike the pattern of the rest of the subways) and I don't really see a grout line between the decorative tile and chair cap piece but it's hard to tell and I'm definitely not a tile expert.

Can anyone point me to a similar tile? I've found several chair/base/pencil half round tiles I like in a few tile lines, but I'm not finding anything I like for the main botanical tile and definitely have never seen a botanical/cap piece combined. Many thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gorgeous vintage bath

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