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Home-made removable insulated panels for basement walls?

17 years ago


I am planning on finishing half of my basement. Ideally, I would like to be able to access the foundation. The Owens Corning system would allow this, but is way expensive, and I don't really want beige cloth covered walls.

The basic concept of the OC system appeals to me, and I was thinking of making my own panels. There would be a wooden framework to hold the panels, and each panel would be a sheet of drywall fastened (glued?) to a sheet of 2 inch thick foam insulation board. Although I have not yet made one, I'm guessing it would be pretty rigid. The seams would be covered by wooden strips that could be screwed to the framing to hold the panel to the wall.

Obviously I have some details to flesh out, but is there anything wrong with the basic idea? Any suggestions?


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