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Insulate partition wall in wine room

12 years ago

First time poster here. I was looking around at the insulation topics but didn't see how to insulate an interior partition wall.

I wanted to build a wine room (no humidifier) in the corner of my basement. It's already walled off from the finished part of the basement, but the room itself is unfinished. I was planning to leave the outer concrete walls exposed, and drywall the 2 partition walls insulated with XPS. I'll probably tile the floor.

I'm not a wine collector, so I don't need perfect conditions. I just want take advantage of the cool outer wall in the summer, without freezing the rest of my basement in the winter.

Does XPS work for this application? I've never worked with the product before. Should I place it in the middle of the stud bays, so it doesn't touch the drywall on either side? Is it ok if edges of the XPS are in contact with the studs?

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