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help to identify 3 antique dressers with mirrors

14 years ago

Lets hope I manage to link the photo's right.

I was wanting to know anything about these 3 antique dressers with mirrors. I intend to sell them, they need more restoration than I am capable of doing, and I have to much furniture already. So it would be great to get an idea of the value, but I would also love to know the approx. year, maker and anything else I can find out.

I think there are 20 pictures, althou there are only 3 actual antiques. I turned the best ones right side up so you don't have to tilt your head.

The only one that has the mark is the tall one with 5 drawers it has on the back of it B.H. 3151 1/2

The short one with the large square mirror had a weak hinge on the mirror arm so I took the mirror off it so it would not fall and break. That's why it looks a little odd in the picture the mirror is sitting on top of it leaning against the wall.

thank you, chris

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