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Miele LaPerla out of Box vs new Excella vs new Optima

13 years ago

Hi! My 3 yo ASKO dishwasher died in less than 6 months after I moved into my new home. Customer service for ASKO is horrible and my husband and I decided to just buy a new dishwasher as the cost to fix would be >$500 and they could not give us a time line as to when they could obtain the part that needs to be replaced (it has been 5 months since it went down and we have been calling EVERY week with no results.

Based on the reviews here I was planning on replacing it with a Miele DW. There was a La Perla that was at our local store which we were told was out of the box because another La Perla had come without the door handle and they had to remove it to replace the door handle for the customer. The toe kick was missing as well, however we were told they would replace the toe kick and the regular Miele waranty would still apply since it was essentially a new DW. The cost would be $500 less the list price since it was out of the box. My question is, "Is it safe to buy this out of the box DW or would I be better off getting in Excella or Optima new and in the box?" I would rather pay a little more than have to go through the ordeal of fixing a DW again, but I certainly would love to get a good deal if I can.

I am a new homeowner and have no experiences buying things out of the box or a DW for that matter so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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