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How can I heat my basement in the winter?

15 years ago

Please help!

I live in the Midwest and my basement is finished. It is the BEST place to hang out during the summer because the temperature is naturally cool.

Now the winter is a whole 'nother story. It is freezing down there and warm upstairs.


1) Raised ranch

2) Carpeting on basement floor

3) Have no idea what's behind the paneling on the walls

4) Utility room on other side w/washer-dryer, furnace, sink, etc.

5) One vent/duct from ceiling gives heat, but not nearly enough to heat entire basement.

6) Basement being used as a family/entertainment room

7) Portable electric heaters always blow a fuse

8) Forced air heating throughout house

I guess I need to call in a contractor, but what do you all suggest? And, is this something I can have my brother do?

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