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Basement finishing advice

15 years ago

Hi All,

I 'need' to finish my New England basement due to a new 'addition' coming soon. The basement is pretty dry. There was not even a sump pump installed until I put one in (although there was a sump pump hole!).

I will be doing about 60% of the basement. Leaving the machinery room and laundry unfinished.

After finding this forum, I have read back and tried to learn as much as possible. I am going to propose my current thinking, and would like some feedback.



Thoroseal on the walls (I read that Drylok is crappy).

Not sure about 'sealing' the floor. Some people say that it may crack the floor due to hydrostatic pressure, but I doubt that!



I want to use a Pergo type 'wood' floor.

I am not sure if I should put down:

- foam + ply (Homes on Homes method)

- Dricore (if it gets wet, you are screwed)

- ThermalDry

- Delta-FL (apparently, it 'creaks')



Pressure treated wood on the bottom. Tapcon screws into the floor. Why not use pressure treated wood for the rest of the frames ?

Do I floor to the edges of the walls, and mount the frame on top, or frame and then lay the floor to the edges of the frame and caulk ? Is the answer different eg: for foam vs. Delta-FL ?



The walls are high pressure concrete. I have tried and failed to drill into them. Therefore fixing XPS to them is kinda out.

I plan on using fibreglass/etc in-between the frames and putting a membrane in there too (remember, I already have Thoroseal on the walls, but I am concerned about damp air from the un-finished side of the basement).



I saw you can get 'mold resistant' drywall sheets for extra cost. Is it worth it ?

Other notes:


I plan on using recessed access panels built into the drywall for access to valves/etc.

Ceiling will be drywall or dropped. I have not decided.

In-law is a certified electrician.


I don't have a humidifier on the furnace.

The house has central air. I plan on connecting it to the open plan room (well, paying someone at the framing stage).

Once done: slam a hygrometer down there and keep it below 40-50% using a dehumidifier.

Thoughts ?


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