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Self Leveling Concrete / Flash Patch - Over PAINTED concrete

12 years ago


I need to level the concrete slab in my basement so I can install laminate flooring. It is pretty level, with no MAJOR visible issues. But when I put an 8 ft. level on the floor - it is evident that there are some minor dips & humps.

There are many concrete products that will self-level the floor - or even a basic flash patch to fill in some of the dips. However, these ALL specify that they can't go over paint - and the concrete needs to be bare and clean according to the instructions.

My entire floor is painted with what appears to be a grey concrete sealer.

I was willing to rent a mechanical concrete grinder - to remove the paint, shave the humps, and rough up the surface - so I could use a concrete, self-leveling underlayment on the whole floor surface.


After scraping a small section by hand - I see that there is a black adhesive residue under the paint. I can only assume that this black residue is the leftover from an adhesive cutback - which is the glue that previously held tiles to the concrete floor. There is also evidence of a 9"x9" pattern, indicating that there was once tiles adhered to the floor.

I have done some research, and it is apparent that both the black adhesive, and tiles, may have contained asbestos - and the grey paint that is covering the floor is sealing over adhesive reside that possibly contain asbestos. So I do NOT want to start mechanically removing the paint, for fear of releasing the asbestos dust.

Does anyone have a recommendation to level the floor with a self-leveling compound, even though there is paint on the floor that I don't want to remove.

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