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Indoor tomatoes report

14 years ago

I have 4 tomatoes growing in 4 gal buckets in a bay window. With lights, of course.

Bush beefsteak was first to have a fruit, but grows very slowly. I think because it is only about 65 degrees there. (20 below F outside this morning.) The plant wants to fall over and not stand up.

The new big dwarf has fruit and is a sturdy stalk. Nice plant to look at with its rugose leaves.

The kewalo is just as sturdy with its stalk. Nice plant. Fruit too.

The sophia's choice wants to grow very tall and just now has flowers. Tall growth might be from not getting the same added light that the other did when I first started. Any way, it does not fit the window very well.

When I say fruit, I mean at least one. I shake them every day. The new big dwarf and the kewalo are nice enough looking that they would be nice just for decoration. I wonder why I don't hear more about the kewalo variety?

Just some thing to do during the cold months..KennyP

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