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Accused of being a noisy neighbor, but it's not me

15 years ago

I have a problem. I am being accused of being a noisy neighbor. The noise my downstairs neighbor is complaining about is not the normal loud music/TV or stomping. He is claiming that my b/f and I are having very loud arguments with yelling and things being thrown. They always seem to happen on the weekends and very early in the morning (4AMish). He ever claimed that one time, I threw ice and my b/f and it hit him.

My problem is that this is not us. We rarely fight and never like that. Furthermore, we have never fought at my apartment or in my bedroom, where he claims it comes from. I have tried explaining to the land lady that there is no way it is us fighting. Besides that we donâÂÂt fight like that, I have been sleeping over at his place for months and have been there when the âÂÂargumentsâ at my place happened.

Since being warned, I have been sleeping at my place for the last two weeks. Last Friday night I slept in my bedroom and did not hear a thing all night. I got up about 8AM and went over to b/fâÂÂs for a few hours. I came back about 11AM and was picking up around the apartment when the land lady knocked on my door and asked if we had been fighting because the neighbor and just called in and complained. I said no, I have not heard anything and that he is not here and that she could go check his apartment (which is a few doors down and on the ground floor). She said that she already had and that he had answered the door (he told he we had not been fighting and he was just waking up.)

I do not know what to do. I have been quieter since his first complaint (not playing music, keeping TV down.) Since I have slept at home, I have never heard anything. The complaints seem to have started in September, but I have not changed anything in my life for months. The land lady listens to my defense, but does not seem to believe me. She keeps saying she does not know what to do about the problem, but it seems she will be ready to kick me out if it happens again.

Any advice??

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