Basement Dehumidifier Dilemma

8 years ago

Hello, I have my parent's home up for sale that is vacant. My real estate agent is advising me that I need to get the humidity out of the basement as prospective buyers feel there is a water issue. I have purchased a dehumidifier that will try and install today. So, here's the dilemma: (1) Should I leave the windows open or closed in the basement? It does feel humid down there and I'm wondering if leaving the windows cranked open is contributing to the problem. Normally basements are cold - this one is not. (2) Since no one lives at the home, I need to find a way to continuously empty the dehumidifier. The one I purchased does have a hose attachment but the basement has no floor drains so I figured, I have to find a way to empty it in the laundry tub. I guess it empties through gravity? So, I need to have the dehumidifier sitting on top of the tub and then direct the hose into the tub? (3) Finally, the basement is broken up into two sections separated by a wall. Unfortunately for me, the laundry tub is located in the back basement and the majority of the humidity issues are in the front and larger section of the basement. There is a door in between the two sections. So - will the dehumidifier which will be located in the back section, be able to draw out water from the front section? It is probably about 25 feet away from the front section. My dehumidifier is a 50 pint capacity.

I know this is alot to read, but certainly appreciate responses to my issues as stated above. Thank you in advance.

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