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Nightmare neighbors and landlord...

10 years ago

So glad I recently found this forum. I really need a place to vent and it sounds like many of you have had similar issues.

I have been living in a 2nd floor apartment going on 3 years this December with the sameneighbors below me the entire time. I can hear every step the girl now living above me takes, but there's never been any issues with things like loud music, parties, etc. Hearing her footsteps really doesn't bother me, in an apartment I think it's expected to hear some noise. But, given how aware of it I am I always make a point to be quiet. I am either always barefoot or in slippers, I don't give the cats any toys that would make a lot of noise etc. When I vacuum I always try and do it as early in the evening is possible, and never after 8pm.
The couple below me is in their 40s and I never had much interaction with them until earlier this year. Well, a year ago I met the love of my life, who as the months progressed started spending more and more time at my place. I live closer to both of our jobs, he has a roommate, and his apartment is also run by a slumlord. So its just a lot more comfortable to stay at my place.

One day in April I came home, and I heard the man below approach his front door and direct some obscenities at me. I was surprised, and ended up just ignoring it. 2 weeks later I left for clinic in the morning and he opened is front window and screamed every obscenity in the book at me the entire time I walked to my car. I reported their behavior to my leasing office, and since then things have been a nightmare. I already had 70% of my floor covered with rugs, but in response to my neighbors verbally assaulting me I was asked to spend my limited student loan money and put down more rugs and felt pads on all furniture, which I promptly did. The leasing office did tell my neighbors screaming at me was not acceptable.

Ever since then I have been the victim of passive aggressive harassment that is really starting to make me a crazy person. My neighbors constantly call the leasing office and complain about footsteps. But they also make up stories that are blatant lies. They will say things like my boyfriend left and gave them dirty looks or one night that he beat a chair against the floor on purpose. And the nights they allege these happen I know its nights where were in bed by 10 or he wasn't even there. In addition someone went into the utility room and unhooked my internet, I've had my laundry supplies stolen from the joint laundry room, and had obscenities written in dust/pollen on my car. Also, I know my neighbors are watching me come and go. I'm currently interviewing for residency so I've been travelling a bit, and some days have left my place with luggage. The nights I'm gone they always come up with some story about a disturbance that my boyfriend caused while I was gone and mentioned knowing I was away. Creepy. On BF's birthday he had to fly to Boston for a fellowship interview. So the night before we went out to dinner and saw a movie. We got home a little late, at 12am. He printed his boarding pass and went to bed. I did a little work and then was getting ready for bed when the police showed up at my door to investigate a "disturbance." I don't know how my boyfriend being here is that different from the 2 years before he was around. Yes, he's a guy and has heavier footsteps, but it's not like we're constantly walking around. I honestly think it might be racial. He's jewish, and looks like it. I never got complaints when I was dating my irish ex...

The worst part is, I feel like the leasing office is taking their side and I'm afraid of the actions that are going to be taken against me. My lease is up May 31st. I would love to just move, but I have no idea where I'm going to match for residency. I hope to stay in Baltimore, but I have frighteningly little control over the process, and I don't find out until March 17. I cannot afford to move now, do month to month for 6 months, and then move again. The leasing office is constantly calling and leaving me messages notifying me of the neighbor's complaints. They tried to make me add my boyfriend to the lease. I felt this this was odd, and my dad's friend who is a lawyer looked at the lease and advised against it.

Today he was in my apartment sleeping while I was out running errands. He's a radiology resident who has been on nights. He got to my place at 730am and went to sleep. Around noon the leasing manager woke him up by coming in the bedroom. Her supposed reason for being there was a reported water leak. When I actually spoke to her she said she was in my neighbors place and their sink was leaking. She heard someone "washing dishes" in my place and wanted to see if my apartment had a problem. She said when she knocked on my door she heard someone go into the bedroom so she assumed I was there and entered. I know this story is a total fabrication. There is no reason the manager would be looking at a leak, they have a dedicated maintenance guy. And there is no reason to think my apartment would be involved, the leak was on their floor. To top it off, BF was sound asleep in bed, so she did not hear anyone doing dishes. Technically my lease says they can access my apartment whenever they want, but I feel like this was a huge violation of privacy.

What comes from her snooping in my apartment and finding my BF there is that I am now no longer allowed to have him there unless I am present or he can be "charged with trespassing." What really worries me is that they will eventually say he cannot be on the premises at all. I actually have developed a kind of serious health issue in the past year, and it's pretty comforting to have a doctor there with me. To top it off, I'm worried they will evict me. I've told the leasing office about damages to my car, etc and they are clearly not interested. They mention it can't be proved. Yet my neighbor's claims can't be proven and they seem to believe every word from them.

I feel completely trapped. My dad's lawyer friend says my only recourse is just to move out, but like I said I'm stuck for 6 more months. And I can deal with my neighbors being jerks, I'm just afraid it will come to something really ugly. There is a clause in the lease that if the landlord takes the to lease you are responsible for the legal fees. By the way, I live in Maryland, don't know how their laws compare to other states.

Anyway, sorry for the epic post, just really had to get this off my chest.

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