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Capital Precision Range Issue

13 years ago

I just installed a Capital Precision 48" range two weeks ago. One of the features I wanted to try out immediately was the rotisserie. When I used it, the horizontal bar fell out of the slot and the the chicken hit the bottom of the oven. Luckily I caught it immediately.

It seems the problem is the vertical bar that goes up from the bottom of the oven is loose and wobbles to the left and right. When it wobbles to the left it pulls the horizontal bar out of the slot.

There's a nut at the bottom of oven where the vertical rotisserie bar slides into. It seems like that nut is loose but when I attempt to tighten it, it doesn't work. Has anyone else had this problem and were you able to fix it your self? I thought I'd check here first before I call Capital customer service to have a service tech look at it, especially if it's a simple fix.

BTW, I absolutely love the range. It's fantastic. I can even use the rotisserie by sticking a piece of foil between the vertical bar and the left oven wall preventing it from wobbling to the left causing the horizontal bar to slide out of the slot. Granted, of course, this is not the ultimate solution but I REALLY wanted to use the rotisserie.

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