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Basement floor crack and leak

10 years ago

Have a new home (less than 1 year old). Basement was poured concrete that was poured in February in NY. Had some of the usual settling that occurred during the winter months. Now with the thaw, we have noted that there is a crack in the floor that has definitely gotten longer (not wider than 1/16th of an inch). With the thaw, there is definitely some water that is seeping up form the soil underneath. Per code, there is a footing drain installed and to my knowledge and visual inspection has been functioning.

Second issue, and possibly the cause of the water, is a negative pitch of the back yard with collection of water in the basement door area. Builder is going to regrade the yard in this area to fix the issue.

Is this a big issue that I need to have someone come out to look at (other than the builder)? My builder says that with the water accumulating in the back, this is causing over-saturation of the ground underneath and that the regrading will fix the issue. I am worried as more water is pushed out into a trench he has made to drain the excess water, more just accumulates.

Could there be a leak underneath from the footing drain, etc...??

Any solutions??

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