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Flooring options explored

16 years ago


I've been searching this forum and I'm amazed to see so many posts on the same subject and SO many different opinions.

I've concluded there is no perfect solution!

I'm trying to see if I should hedge my bet in installing carpet in my basement considering the following.

1) brand new construction

2) conditioned space (2 zone system)

3) my basement walls are waterproofed on the exterior and a vapor barrier was placed under the concrete floor (don't know what type (sheet?)

4) I have a french drain system installed around the perimeter

5) I have 2 sump pumps with city water back-up

6) Negative: I live on solid clay soil (I could go outside and build a whole set of pottery bowls!)

My builder claims he just puts in the the carpet and pads and all his clients hope for the best, knowing they will rip it up if there is a problem.

1) do you think I should go with this mentality and take my chances?

2) should I use carpet tiles?

3) should I go to expense of a floating floor system (no organic material)

4) tile?

5) something I haven't thought of?


Isn't this crazy

thanks for your time.

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