Downstairs neighbor is unreasonable

17 years ago

I'm looking for any advice I can find to remedy this situation. Three years ago I moved into the upstairs unit of a brand new 2-story condominium. About a year later an old lady moved into the unit below me. She minds her own business and we mind ours (I have my girlfriend and her daughter living with me. The old lady is alone). Last summer the problems started. My girlfriend was putting her plants out on the balcony and a tiny bit of dirt fell down through the cracks to old lady's porch. This old woman started hollering and screaming at my GF. So we apologized repeatedly and offered to sweep it up. But the woman didn't want us coming down there. We tried to be nice to her but there was nothing we could do to make her happy. Since then any noise that comes from my apartment makes this old woman so mad that she starts banging on her ceiling.

I had an old squeaky bed and any time I would roll over or move at all it made enough noise for her to hear, because she would start banging the ceiling repeatedly in the middle of the night. Forget about having sex. I had a few sessions interrupted by the old lady. So I finally got rid of the bed. But that was only the beginning. She bangs if we walk too loud. Now I have a year-old nephew who is learning to walk. My sister brings him by to visit about once a week. Well, let me tell you he might be small, but when he falls down she must hear it because she bangs the ceiling for that too. And her banging used to only be after 9 PM, and I accepted that. I know 9 PM is when people need to be quiet. But a couple days ago she was banging at 7 PM.

If you're still reading this, you get the point. Anyway she has called the condo association and complained. They sent 2 representitives to our place. One stayed downstairs, and one came up to my place. He walked all over the house and the guy downstairs said there was not an unreasonable ammount of noise and there was nothing they could do. I can't take this woman anymore. I've heard her son is on the condo board, so I have a feeling I'm going to have to deal with this situation further. I don't play music, the TV is never very loud, I've never had a party. I think this woman has too much time on her hands and all she does is sit and wait for something to complain about. I'm sure this is similar to other people's problems on this board, but I'm just curious if there's anything I should to differently (I don't want to move yet). Thanks in advance. Andy

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