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Zima (TM) Orange Grape tomatoes

8 years ago

Just bought a couple of packs of Zima (TM) tomatoes from Sunsetgrown, Kingsville, ON. (EDIT marked: greenhouse grown, Product of Mexico)

They were not as I expected. Pretty good for snacking, golden colored, and both sweet and very acidic. That was a surprise for me, and I actually tested the pH, which is about as acid as it gets ... definitely below 4.2 and if I believe my eyeballing closer to 4.0. They are one, tough-skinned, greenhouse grown tomato!

Tried to Google the variety but it is one of those phony coverups like UglyRipe(TM) and is actually a trademark, not a variety. A resourceful grower elsewhere, Gourmetgardener, researched this a couple of years back and concluded the variety was Lorrane F1 bred by Hazera Genetics. Wow,opened up the eyes how Hazera has come a long way since its Kibbutzy roots...

I found Loranne only on Hazera's official Spain subsidiary, and the description seemed to match closely enough but the picture decidedly did not. Its picture was a closer match to their Honey Drop on the same page (not to be confused with Fedco's Honeydrop).

Here is the Hazera Spain webpage:


Elsewhere I found this strange link to Loranne cultivar sheeds (Sic or maybe seeds in Hebrew) by Hazera on one of those salesy website names with a closer image match:

"Hello Trade" Loranne tomato


Now I have no idea if this in fact is absolutely confirmed to be the variety and for that matter whether all Zima(TM)s like this are the same cultivar or not but I thought it was an interesting tomato.

Does anyone know anything more about Zima orange grape tomato identities, etc? About how true F2 grows (I'm finishing them up now ... should I just eat the seeds and forget it since growing space is scarce for me? Have any of your own impressions of this tomato? Know if anyone has F1 seed or is going for/has an OP? It is too tart for me but definitely has a potentially interesting niche to grow and I would grow one out if there was a good chance of getting something to grow true.


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