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36' vs. 30' bosch 800 series induction question

11 years ago

I think I have narrowed my decision to the Bosch induction.

Now I need to determine 30 vs. 36" .

Anyone who has these or knows them well, can you give me the pluses and minuses of each?

We currently have an electric GE profile in a 36" cabinet and nothing under there (down draft that we will remove and close up) so clearance is not an issue. We are putting in a new counter, so cut-out is not as important, but can't find a pdf or instructions on the actual cutout/cabinet required for the 36".

I notice that the 30" is deeper and the 36" is wider with an extra burner and 4400 W on one of the burners vs. 3600 (but I got this info off a website and may not be accurate).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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