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Starting A Major Project - Introduction

17 years ago

Hello! My name is Micki. I am in the beginning phases of my first major home remodeling project. I have what is called a "recreation area." It isn't a basement. I have a split foyer home, so the room is above ground. One side is the partially finished (about 10%) recreation area. The other side is the garage.

So, I am starting the task of getting quotes for drywall and framing. I am going to serve as the general contractor. I am a project manager by trade, so I *think* that this will be fun!

I have figured out the purposes of this area. First, I need a storage and laundry room. Second, I need some place to entertain, watch television, and workout. Finally, I have a treadmill that will have to stay there.

The only issue that I have is the tiny budget. The space is like 200 square feet. I want to get everything - drywall, framing, electrical, flooring, and ceiling for about $3000. I am perfectly able to do some of the stuff (painting, installing crown molding), but a lot of it I am going to have to contract out.

I have a book on "basements", a budget with 10% contingency, my preliminary drawings of what I want, and a project plan. I look forward to sharing my experience and learning from you all! :)

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