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Lacanche - seeking performance information

10 years ago

Hello all,

I'm in the research stage of a major home reno. I'm looking at 36-48 inch gas or DF ranges. In the process my wife saw the lacanche ranges and was pretty much decided on looks alone ("ouch' says the wallet). We cook a fair bit and my wife bakes frequently so a good range is important.

What I would like to understand is, beside the stunning looks, how do lacanche stoves perform?

I would expect from the price that they are 'among the best' but from research here and elsewhere, paying big bucks for a range is not proof against defects and limitations that would be totally unacceptable on basic 30" ranges.

So, Lacanche ranges:

How well do the burners work (hot and simmer)?

How well do the igniters work?

Are the ovens even heat? Gas/electric/electric convection - any pros/cons?

Service issues (hinges, racks, calibration, install etc)?

Frequency of part replacements?

Other idiosyncrasies that should be mentioned?

Thank you in advance for your responses.


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