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Stainless Steel Cleaner Recommendation

12 years ago

We have been struggling to find a good stainless steel cleaner - everything we have tried seemed to make our appliances look more streaky than they did before we started cleaning... and that's including the stuff that Wolf/ Subzero gives you with the appliances. You would think it would be good, but apparently not!

We were just at the Philadelphia Home show and bought a can of Sprayway Stainless Steel Cleaner - it's the one with the red cap. It is amazing. AMAZING. No streaks, you only use a little and it seems to work really well. Very unassuming looking can, but seems to be a great product. Our subzero has never looked better since it got installed.

They had cases of it, but we went back the next day to pick up a second can and they had totally sold out. They said they were going to have some more in stock in the next few days so I'm hoping to get another can so we're all stocked up. Apparently they had a maid service buy it up by the case, and everyone who bought some has gone back for more. : )

I know people here are always looking for great cleaners for their appliances, so I thought I would pass it on! Hope it helps someone out.

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