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what are the best cherry varieties and help with 2010 tomato list

14 years ago

hello everyone, This past year in SE NY was not a good one for tomatoes. Most of my tomatoes did not produce however Sweet 100 was very productive ~ 45 tomatoes and tasty!

I'm now working on my 2010 list. I only have seven spots in my garden for tomatoes. I know I'm growing sweet 100 or super sweet 100 even though the 8ft tomato plant is hard to manage on my 5ft stakes. I would like to grow another cherry tomato (maybe an heirloom type?) but I'm not sure which would be the best. I've heard good things about sungold but I think I'm leaning more toward a red cherry. Which is the best variety?

I'm also planning on growing

Japanese black trifle- produced 1 tomato in 2009

Coustralee- no tomatoes in 2009 but I've heard good things or Neves azorean red- same story

Red Brandywine - never grown it

KBX-never grown or Kellog's breakfast-never grown

Matina- If I can get seeds 2009 seeds never germinated

sweet 100 or super sweet 100 - a must for me

another cherry type- I think a red cherry would be good.

thanks for your help!


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