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How do you feel about background checks/last month's rent?

15 years ago

First I should clarify we're talking single family home here, not an apartment complex with close neighbors all around. I typically run credit reports and check registered sex offender database when screening, but have not done a background check (typically credit behavior is a tip off to potentially worse things lurking, so the process generally stops at the bad credit stage). I have recently encountered a situation where a tenant looked ideal on paper (perfect credit) but had some nasty criminal charges pending and a history of domestic issues. That situation has evolved into a small nightmare (about to end though, thankfully). So I'm curious, as a tenant would a background check offend you in some way? Would you balk at paying the $30 fee?

Secondly, I'd love to be able to collect first/last + Deposit. That is a huge chunk of change for a lot of people and rare when I'm able to get last month's up front. Current tenants I have in one house paid last month's up front and they are moving out of state, and I must say the exit process has been a breeze so far. I wish it were always so. Do you typically prepare yourself to pay last month's rent in advance?

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