Downstairs neighbor yelled at me! =o

15 years ago

Here's the story:

My fiance and I have been at our new apartment for barely a week.

Things have been good so far, I met the downstairs neighbor last week, no big deal.

Well, yesterday, the guy downstairs came pounding on our door complaining that our tv was too loud.

It wasn't.

We were watching a baseball game in the living room and it was 8pm!

It wasn't a party either, only me, my fiance and my brother.

Here's the kicker: He went on-and-on about how he "doesn't wanna hear walking around, or a loud tv" !!!


He lives in a basement apartment, so there's gonna be some noise.

It hasn't even been a whole week and he's already complaining!

I should point out that our whole apartment is carpeted so I have no idea what he's saying about us walking around loudly.

I was really shocked at his attitude.

I mean, I don't even know the guy and he's 1)Banging on our door, 2)Demading and putting "rules" on us, 3) Seriously yelling at me and telling me how he "works long hours".

It seriously freaked me out.

Now, do you think that I should tell our landlord what happened or just let it pass?

I'm just afraid that he's going to make up lies about us to the landlord telling them how supposedly loud we are.

We're comfortable in our apartment, we just moved in, but I'm foreshadowing rough waters ahead with my weird downstairs neighbor!


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