Jenn Air Convection Microwave: E23 error code?

13 years ago

New, but out-of-warranty, convection microwave displays error code E23 and shuts down. It is a March 2006 unit, Model No. JMV9169BAP, Ser. No. 10006246JE. This only happens when you turn on the microwave and set it to convection oven mode AND then try to simultaneously operate the microwave's built-in exhaust vent feature (which exhausts fumes from items being cooked below the microwave on the cooktop, sending these fumes up through the microwave and out a duct attached to the microwave's top that then runs to the exterior of our house). Detailed example: While the convection oven mode is operating (i.e., you can see the red heating elements in the microwave glowing and hear the fan sound as it is warming up to 400 degrees to cook a casserole), after 10 minutes or so I then proceed to turn the microwave's exhaust vent feature on (usually to a high setting) to exhaust fumes from dishes I am also preparing on the burners. After several minutes of the microwave both convection cooking and this exhaust vent operating, the whole thing shuts down and displays the E23 error code. Everything is fine if I convection cook without using the exhaust vent, and vice versa. I can find NOTHING about this error code and the fine folks at Jenn Air tell me they are not legally permitted to tell me what it means. [Can you believe that?] Anyone out there have a technical contact at Jenn Air or encountered this code before? What does the code mean? Just curious. My guess is maybe nothing is wrong with the microwave and it was designed this way, but I want to make sure that nothing is really wrong with the unit and/or that the eletrician did not install it incorrectly. Again, what does E23 mean? THX all! I may try to repair myself if necessary.