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Fix all for Noisy neighbors

18 years ago

Move! I am a realtor/ landlord and read the board regulary. It seems that many of your problems/ posts are about bad, or noisy neighbors. Your landlords also don't seem to care or do anything. I really care about my tenants and consider them the boss. I have picked up a few tips here to keep them happy. Anyway I sold a rental property to a man that lived out of town as an investment a year ago. He hired a management company. When the building was sold there were 3 very good long term tenants and one vacant unit. The management company put in a terrible loud neighbor. Starting this month I took over management to help the guy out. The new loud neighbor forced the other 3 to leave. TO top things off the loud neighbor was behind in rent and moved out the end of March. Now I have a vacant building. I did convinece a past tenant to move back in, at a discounted rate.

Do you think this owner will take noise complaints seriously now. This is probably an extreme situation but the only thing that got through to this owner was tenants leaving his units vacant.

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