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blue star rnb or rcs?

16 years ago

I'm ready to purchase a Blue Star 6 burner range (my current range is an old four burner Hotpoint electric) and have a couple questions before doing it (please feel free to point me to other posts addressing these questions- I didn't see any in a quick search):


Max BTUs on the top burners: 22K (RNB) vs 18K (RCS). I'm looking forward to cooking with higher heat and am expecting a possibly steep learning curve making the switch but is there a big enough difference between 22K and 18K burners to make the RNB the obvious choice?

Convection oven: RNB has it; RCS doesn't. I have never used a convection oven and doubt I'd miss not having it if I went with the RCS (cutting my baking time by 30% - 40% doesn't seem that important to me), but should I reconsider? Are the benefits of convection baking worth making sure I have it as an option?

I also saw posts extolling the virtues of having casters on the bottom of the range to facilitate moving the range for various reasons but then other posts are saying that once it's hooked up to the gas line, moving the range is not an option (or not a good idea). Should I wrestle the range in place without the casters and assume it will stay there forever or should I go for the casters?

Thanks very much for any comments or suggestions!

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