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Oil prices unstable -- let's count the reasons

18 years ago

My old thread on petroleum prices reach 99 postings so here's a new one kicked off by a Memo from the Margin by a financial guru, old WSJournal editorial writer and something of an expert on energy matters, Jude Wanniski. He identifies the weak dollar and the now up-valued gold that serves as reasserted bench mark on value. Kind of long but interesting perspective.


One Energy Crisis After Another

Dec 8 2004

Memo To: Energy Reporters and Editors

From: Jude Wanniski

Re: Fixing the Problem for Good

It wasn't many weeks ago that it looked like the world oil price would be hitting $60 bbl. I remember hearing Boone Pickens saying it would hit $60 before it would hit $40, and he did come close, but oil has been sliding since and it is now getting close to $40. What I'd like to tell you folks about is why the oil price gyrates as much as it does, because it never shows up in your stories -- although the answer has been around from the days I wrote the energy editorials for The Wall Street Journal in the 1970s, That was during the first big "energy crisis."


Here is a link that might be useful: Fixing the energy problem for good

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