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Replacing Stove - Looking for comments

9 years ago

We just purchased a very nice home that has been partially remodeled. It has lovely hardwood floors throughout both floors. There is new tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, and granite countertops throughout kitchen and downstairs 1/2 bath. What they DID NOT remodel was the kitchen appliances. The refrigerator is ok. The stove is an old electric drop-in with the oldest built-in microwave I ever saw above it. The dishwasher is an OK black Whirlpool Quiet Partner II. We are going to have to do this in stages. Stage I is the stove/microwave. Right now the stove vents through the bottom and out the top of the microwave. The microwave is huge and hangs very low over the stove, restricting access to back burners if using any kind of large pot.

Here are our two areas of quandary:

The microwave? We are thinking about removing it and putting a SS hood there to give more room over the stove. That would mean having a countertop microwave someplace in the kitchen. Questions - From a re-sale point of view, would doing this have any effect? What do you think of doing this from a usability point of view.

The stove?

There is a gas water heater on the other side of the wall from the stove. We want to change that stove and put in gas. Am also thinking of changing it to a slide-in vice the current drop-in range. I have looked under the current stove; it is currently "jury-rigged (to me)" to the house wiring in the space below the slide-in. Questions - Has anyone changed from electric to gas; from drop-in to slide-in? On the surface it seems like not a difficult conversion. Am I missing anything? Will the installation dimensions of a slide-in match the current drop-in?

Thanks for any comments, and forgive sideways picture, can't seem to rotate in GW.

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