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Over the range Convection Microwave on Counter?

13 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are remodeling our kitchen and want a 'proper' ventilation hood over the range, not a combined microwave/vent.

We also want a separate microwave but need a combination convection microwave as it will serve as a secondary oven when needed. Unfortunately all the countertop convenction microwaves I can find are quite small (1.5 cu ft or less).

I do see many over the range convection microwaves that are big enough (1.7 and 1.9 cu ft) and they are actualy the same price if not cheaper.

Can these be mounted on a countertop, or even hung under an upper cabinet?

I realize the underneath of the unit has the vent, but if that is only used to vent the range fumes, then I won't need it. But I'm not sure if that same underneath vent is needed for general cooling of the microwave and convection functions.

Thanks for any advice.

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