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Noisy neighbors, me included! A rant.....

17 years ago

I feel like I'm trapped in noise hell!

(I apologize ahead of time for how incredibly long this is, but my family and friends are sick of hearing me rant).

I've had major noise problems since I moved into this building - some because of the construction, and some due to inconsiderate neighbors.

I rent a condo in a unit where most of the other tenants are owners, including the girl upstairs from me. My problem is that my upstairs neighbor makes noise all throughout the night - cleaning, moving stuff, banging around, playing music. I don't think she works, as she never leaves, and must sleep during the day. The worst is that she has a boyfriend who comes over a few nights a week at midnight, and they stay up and do god knows what for hours. Now, I don't mind a little noise during the day,I expect it, but it's gotten to the point where I have to sleep on my couch because it is so noisy above my bed, and I have a loud fan in my living room that helps cover up the noise. I sleep with 3 fans, ear plugs, and sleeping pills and I still get woken up. I've lived here for a year and a half, (stupidly renewed my lease last year), I don't know what else to do! It has made me so anxious and on edge.

I have spoken with her in a friendly manner several times, and wrote a few notes. I am not afraid of confrontation, but at first tried to solve this civilly. Again, I am ONLY complaining about the nighttime noise. Each time, she has quieted down for a week, and then resumed. One time she even came downstairs to listen while her boyfriend stomped around - she was horrified by the noise, and said she would do something about it. The next time I confronted her after midnight, for slamming noises, music, loud voices - she was a total b*tch, and told me that I should move. Since then, when she gets noisy, I've just started slamming on the ceiling (I've done it 2 or 3 times). The last time I did this, she blasted her music as loud as possible at 2:00 am. I slammed on my ceiling in the early morning to wake her up the next morning (if she wakes me up, I'll wake her up). This is the only thing to slightly help, but I feel crazy doing it.

My landlords told me to call the cops but I am hesitant to. The reason is because I had a completely psycho downstairs neighbor for a few months that I had to call the cops on. When I say psycho, I mean, he would be screaming bloody murder and threatening to kill the woman and child in his apartment. He did leave because he got arrested a few times (not because of me, but because he fought a cop), but I don't want to be the neighbor who calls the cops on everyone.

I also know that some of this is just poorly constructed apartment noise. The other problem I'm having is that my poor downstairs neighbor has cancer and needs to sleep all the time because he's having chemo. He has been complaining about my noise even though I literally tiptoe everywhere, don't pay music, and hardly move around at all. He complains when I tiptoe across my floor at noon. He told me that he could hear me having sex all the time, because he could hear my bedframe when I would sit or lay on it (I was not having sex). So I removed the frame, and put down more throw rugs over my carpeting. i feel like I'm torturing him.

There are some things that would help with both my noise problem and my downstairs neighbor's noise problem - tightening the floorboards. The are incredibly squeaky. I have mentioned it to my landlords, and they said that they will probably do it when my unit it vacant. I don't even think that my upstairs neighbor will listen to the suggestion. If she still wears heels and stomps around after all this time, she'll never change.

So....are there any other solutions? I guess it's time to move, but I love my apartment. It's right on the beach and is beautiful. believe it or not, this is an upscale building in a great town. Has anyone had any luck with anything else? I feel like I have no choice but to get out.

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