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ants and noise - need out of our lease. can someone help us out?

18 years ago

My roomate and I have only been in our new apartment for 1 month. 2 bedroom with over 1100 sq. feet and high ceilings for only 735.00 seemed great. We've got sugar ants all over our kitchen and bathrooms. The apt comes by to spray but it's a very tempororay solution. We've got neighbors with kids that jump and stomp on our heads all day and ignore our requests to stop. We've got neighbors below us that bass their music until the late hours.

Upon examining our was discovered that I did not initial half of the places that required it on our lease. I also did not sign the very important section regarding DEFAULT BY RESIDENT. My roomate DID initial all of these places and did sign. The only portion my SIGNATURE is the deal page where it talks about rent and deposit calculations.

Is there any legal way for us to break this lease without having to pay?

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