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'The Meadows' at Sunnyvale is the most Awful apartment

15 years ago

I am nicely warning everybody never stay with the apartment "The Meadows"

in bay area. The quality of the room is awful, and the rent is much higher

than other apartment nearby, even more, the Office numbers are horrible

to deal with.

The address of "The Meadows" is 1000 Escalon Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Three horrible things happened in my short stay since last Mid June.

1. They promised that the construction of pool ended in Sep08, we felt it

was not too long after we moved in so we signed the lease and moved in in

Mid June. However, the constriction was not finished until early Dec08.

Our apartment is close to the pool, and the drilling noise got me a bad

bad headache.

I complained with office manager, she didn't apologize at all, and also

said they didn't have control on the length of the construction and they

would have more constructions, which they didn't mentioned before we signed

the lease. She also didn't allow us to move out early without penalty.

2. In Sep08, I found a huge nail embed in the bottom of the concrete door

frame, tip up. I was very scared, because I have a 13-month old baby, who

was just learning walking. What if she stepped on the nail?! What if she

fell onto the nail?! Even us could step on it sometimes.

However, when I talked to the office manager, she looked so calm, and again

without any apology, she said it was our responsibility to watch the baby

to make sure she wouldn't step onto the nail and it's our responsibility

to make sure her safety before the problem has been fixed.

3. Early this morning (2/5/2009) at 1:42am, I specially checked time because

I was extremely angry when this accident happened! My husband went to

restroom around that time, and right after he entered the restroom and turned

on the light, I heard a "bong" sound, and ran out to check, I found thousands

of pieces of broken glass on the floor in front of the bedroom door. The

glass was the cover of the light on the ceiling of the hall way (my husband

didn't turn this light on). If my husband was 2 sounds later, this would

break his head. It's very hard to clean the floor completely since the tiny

pieces are everywhere!

Again, I went to office this morning even though it's useless, I have to

let them know we didn't break their property, we are victims, and my husband

was almost hurt. But Yes, it was useless!!! The manager was still very cold

with such horrible thing happened in the Mid-Night in my home! She even

suspected us, she said, "This never happened before". Of course, no apology

at all!!!

We have been living in many other apartments in other states, but this is

the first time I met so many troubles in an apartment in such a short time,

and this is the worst lease office I've ever seen that is so cold blooded

to its renters.

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