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Our Second Problem!!! (and it's only day 3!)

16 years ago

Uh oh! Our SECOND major problem and it's only day the vent hood...

I have a VAH that requires an 8" outlet. However, it turns out the distance b/w the ceiling and the floor above is only 6"...which means there's no room for the outlet to go up and out the exterior wall. Even if we used a 7" x 10" outlet, it still wouldn't fit. I suggested sending it under the kitchen floor since it's over the unfinished portion of our basement, but the same problem exists b/w the LR & Kitchen wall...only 6".

My KD did say we could lower the ceiling (she didn't even want to suggest it!), but I only have 8' ceilings and I don't want them any lower. She agreed it would not be a good idea.

Even if we did find a way, it turns out the MBA's tub's waste pipe goes across the bay that the VAH would have to go through (b/c of the location of the cooktop).

So, my KD is saying that our only option is a recirculating hood...which I don't want!!!!!! [I've been preaching to everyone else about recirculating:bad, external vent:good!] She insists that today's recirculating hoods are much better than they used to be. She called VAH last night and they're investigating options in their line for her. They're supposed to call back this morning.

When I told her I have not heard anything good about them, her response was, "are you reading that on your site? Tell them to call me!" [She was kidding about the "call me"]

My DH is suggesting we go straight up through our master bedroom closet (which is small...sheesh, everything is small in our house!) and through the roof. I'm hesitant since I don't think I want a vent hood going through the closet for aesthetic as well as functional reasons. Assuming he has his measurements right, it'll take about a square foot of space out of an already small closet (4'W x 10'L), right where the clothes hang.

I do have a standard electric cooktop, but I eventually want an induction cooktop... Will recirculating be OK?

Can anyone think of any other options? Do you think my DH is right?

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