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Please, can anyone help me find more info on this china pattern?

15 years ago

Hello everyone, brand new to the boards here, but I am really hoping that someone can help me!

My grandmother passed away about 10 years ago and tea drinking was her life's greatest pleasure. When she passed, she left me various pieces of china. My favorite, and the one I remember the most vividly from her life, is a Cambridge pattern called "Pink Mist". I only had a teacup and saucer. Through Ebay, I have been able to acquire a few other pieces (another cup and saucer, creamer, small plates, etc.)and I believe the pattern was also released under the name "Blooming Dogwood" for British Colombia's Centennial Celebration.

I am DESPERATE to get more pieces! Especially a teapot. Does anyone know where else I can look or have any information on this pattern? I registered it at over a year ago with no luck. Are there ever sets made without teapots? Please, any help or information would be wonderful. I've included a link to a current Ebay listing featuring the pattern.

Thanks so much for any help!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Mist Pattern

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