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Finalizing: Ice Machine: Manitowoc, Scotsman, Hoshizaki, KA?

10 years ago

So, you may have gathered that I need to finalize 10 appliances or so, one of which is the ice machine for our butler's pantry/wet bar. It is next to the dining room with only a doorway but it is set back and there is a plaster 1917 wall between in the dining room.

Looking at:
- Manitowoc SM50 - good reviews here and generally, a little concerned the ice is too big for everyday use, especially for kids. How's the noise? Like the delay feature for when we are entertaining.

- Hoshizaki AM50-BAE - reviewed as best ice machine maker across the board, like size of ice, pricey but is it worth it? How's noise?

- Scotsman Brilliance CM SCC50 - decent reviews here, better size gourmet ice, heard you can choose between three sizes but don't think that's the case. Heard it's also noisy?

- Kitchen Aid Architect II or Electrolux E15IMGPS (my other appliances are going to be Electrolux) Still pricey (more than they should be!) Like delay on KA but don't think it's a feature on Electrolux. That said, my in-laws have a KA that has had to be serviced twice in two years. NOT great.

- Any others in affordable range?

So, what are your thoughts please?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I *really* love nugget ice and would love a machine that makes nuggets. That said, I think it's not exactly the most refined for a drink "on the rocks" and it does melt faster. Plus I don't want the whole house chewing their ice all the time, so I'm sticking with the clear, gourmet cube.

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