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Danersk Antique Desk - Am I Way Off?

14 years ago

Good day,

I am writing in hope that somebody out there who knows much more than I do can tell me whether or not I am about to make a huge mistake! Below is the content of an ad I put on a major online listing site, and though my family wants to get rid of the desk quickly, the first responses have been creepy ones from what sound like desperate non-local dealers. Is asking $800 in Southern California way too little? Sadly, I can't offer back anything other than peace of mind that you have helped another :-)

Please note that I do not wish to spam the forum with an ad, which is why I was somewhat vague on some specifics!

Thank you so much,


Santa Barbara, CA



Danersk Antique Solid Oak American Colonial Partners Desk in Excellent Condition; Circa 1920.


Good day,

Around 1920, my late grandmother's first husband commissioned this desk from


Danersk Erskine-Danforth Furniture Corporation of New York. At the time, he headed

the Compton's Encyclopedia, and this was his work desk. He was also an avid antique

collector with a fascination for American Colonial furniture, so that is the assumed

style. Since Danersk specialized in custom furniture made to customers' specifications,

it's highly unlikely that this is a mass-produced design.

The desk itself is solid oak, and incredibly sturdy; it could probably do fine with a half-

dozen people standing on it

. It has been kept in the family, and is consequently in

excellent condition. All hardware is original, as is the finish, which is predictably a

bit worn, but still aesthetically appealing. No restoration attempts have ever been made.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions that aren't addressed in the captions

accompanying the pictures below. I am not an antique appraisal expert, but suspect

$800 to be very reasonable for the quality and nature of this desk. In the interest of

time, I did not have the desk appraised, but you are welcome to do so!

Thanks for looking, [REMOVED]



(Note: I made a best-effort attempt to describe the desk, but I am not an expert,

so I encourage you to look it over carefully if you are interested in buying it! As well,

note that the color is a dark brown, perhaps darker than the pictures look depending on

your monitor.


Front View

One of the nicest features of this desk is that it features retractable side panels that are plenty sturdy to

support a heavy book, laptop, etc.

Left Side View

The top of the desk is comprised of well-aligned strips of oak.

Right Side View

The bobbin legs are solid wood, and with the supporting rails, incredibly sturdy.

Drawer Hardware

The drawers are interchangeable, and each features a forged brass handle and all-metal lock.

Center Drawer Hardware

The center drawer has a more sophisticated locking mechanism.

Left Pedestal



The maker's mark can be found impressed on the inside of the middle drawer.

About Danersk

For more about the Danersk company, see:

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