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Too Mainstreamy, but the association is good, I think I will stay

19 years ago

As a commercial artist I see the world changing with an effort to buy/win over the consummer with out much spiritual investment or rather it seems that machines have replaced live humans and their unique potentials.

The sad thing is our culture is brainwashed to accept this as in good taste. It also makes for an effort of intergration of paradigms.

For example, most artist no longer actually put in the "homework" to get accomplish work. The job has been "quicken" ( the work has been taken away, now you pay some one else to do it for you)and thus the results dont have the richness that many of us glutons for intergrity and creatively talented with unique contributions to better the world with delight and joy or uniqueness want, rather than clip on art or borrowed/prostituted art (when one sells ones creativity with the sole purpose of making money and with no regards to taking responsibility for what is produced-) I would enjoy being wrong on this one,though!

This is much like GMO seeds. But I did want to share here on this forum that I still have not yet found a decent web site or reference(s) regarding my search for:

yeilds from crops grown from saved seed verses purchased seeds such as Pine Co and the likes. What especially puzzles me is that first of all it is my understanding that once a farmer agrees not to grow any terminator or GMO seeds per contract the following year except to purchase seeds a new from that same company or else where. The main concern is that those seeds may not turn true when used from saved seeds and may prove extremely poor quality seeds if any attempt was made to use the daughter seeds. IN fact the genetic code in the pollen may also cross pollinate with a farmer who organicly grows ( nearby to far away) and saves his seeds for planting the next years crop.

One other question, shouldnt organic farmers be connected by bodies of land in order to better protect heirlooms which are already in a pretty classy position and have no need for improving? Zoning regulations on imposing new gmo around organic farmers should be considered if it hasnt already in demographics and wind currents, migrations,etc. IN that case, we need to protect the highest purest seeds which will come true from its parents and are not *%$@ and thus have unpredictable outcomes. And I understand this has been happening for some time. But I think diversity is the answer, a diversity of diversity is good,too. LIke that Polar Bear and Grizzly thing...the offspring would be adaptable to more . Is that good for Human ecology, as isnt that what the world is about? WHat is in our best interest?

The greatest threat to our food supply is (it is my understanding) -is that all the seeds will cross pollinate with the break down of sexually proliferating to evolve into sterile seeds, instead hand pollination may be the methods of the future as all insects may be owned and those not owning insects will have to hand pollinate. Or will there be pollen to cross polinate with? Or is is the terminator only terminates the male or female? I guess I dont quite get it yet.

Also, water will be the new fuel of the future as soon as we figure out how to compost and the agroeconomy starts sustaining itself.

I really glad that there is a food system that is very concerned about preventative diseases. I learned that nutrients/foods/diet/prevention will someday be a requirement for medical students education. I wondered its contents? I think that our current staff is too political...however, that is their job to do politics, and universities may feel obligued to accomidate a large contributor, such obigations are uncomfortable for all parties.

Here is the bottom line...

Does the seeds saved mean the farmer is now instead having up to offer the best 50% as well as what was traditionally sold at market? WOuld this be considered as higher yeilds and better crops? Then next year, if the crops didnt do as well, how would a farmer know if its the seed or what the culprit would be? I know climate would be obvious.

I do feel positive that our universities are finally setting into preventative mode. I think alot has to do with all the fancy technology and large corporations who have swifty brought us to the point where our health can finally start regenerating instead of degenerating!

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