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California Condor

17 years ago

I saw one of the most magnificant bird I have ever seen. My girlfriend and I were on vacation at the grand canyon when we saw it. I first noticed the bird when it was really high in the sky. I thought it was just a turkey vulture at first glance but after a few times seeing it, it just looked to big to be a turkey vulture. I was hoping to get a closer look at the time but he was just to high up. Well after a few hours of sight seeing I got to see him. I saw him come out from the canyon and let me tell you this was the biggest bird I have ever seen. It was way larger than the turkey vultures I saw all day. Lucky me I had my video cam on me and got a quick glimpse of this bird. Everyone around me was amazed on how large it was. I did happen to see the tag around its leg where it was captured and released at one time. Definetly the highlight of my day.

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