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UPDATE: Secret Santa Seed Swap Games and Thanks (#5)

12 years ago

Feel free to chat, post thanks, and play games here..While we go " mailboxing" to see if we have been Naughty or Nice

MANY, MANY thanks to all of you !! This season was so much more special for me, because of you all...Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year !

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  • elliesfun
    12 years ago

    I received my third card today. What a surprise! I received from dirtdiggin a package of pink and purple clematis seeds. And from debby_1 also a package of clematis seeds unknknown ruby colored clematis. Yea!

    We are having a very cold spell now...around 16-20 degrees during the day and -2 at night. Was out side today and the ground is frozen but so dry. Hope I don't loose any flowers this winter. Here's to a wonderful holiday!

  • deanna in ME Barely zone 6a, more like 5b
    12 years ago

    Got two more cards today. Going to the mail is so ridiculously fun these days!

    Cherone7 sent me my very first vegetable seeds--the husband now likes this swap even better! She sent me picking cucumbers. We have a lot of space for vegetables next year and I should have put some on my want list. Thank you, cherone7, for starting my vegetable patch!

    highalttransplant went crazy! She sent me Alyssum 'Golden Queen'/'Basket of Gold', Gaillardia 'Burgandy' and 'Goblin' , and sage. All wonderful! I'm continually amazed at how all of you whom are hundreds of miles apart were able to communicate and send me such different seeds. Surely it's not just chance, right? I love all the variety I'm getting. The sage comes at the perfect time, too. I started planning out my herb garden a couple of weeks ago. Ready to get it going! I also loved the homemade card, too, and the names of your boys. Just got done reading a book about Ezra with my kids. Thanks for adding color to our wonderfully white December!

    Thank you, karendee, for the zinnias!


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    Thank you booberry85 for the wonderful fabric and the seeds: pansy, cantaloupe, tomatoes, Navajo melon, and spinless okra. Will plant those beautiful pansy seeds today!! Thank you for helping me have a wonderful Christmas. :-) All my big quilts have dark green in them so the fabric is perfect. And yes chemocurl it has been a while since I was on the Test Forum so I did have to peak at my notes to make things red. :-) Pulled all the Christmas decorations out today. GFETE Best to you and many thanks, quiltingfox
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    Jordan and I got to get dirty this morning. "OH COOL" she said when I told her we were going to plant some of the awesome seeds we received. I have been saving up containers to wintersow and we have begun. Jordan loved putting soil into the containers, watering and sprinkling in the seeds...I hope not all the seeds are in once place LOL...oh well she did the best she could. Here is what we planted today: kohlrabi, cauliflower, dill, oriental leaf mix, romaine lettuce, red rock cabbage, freckles lettuce, and as an experiment...Italian market wonder tomatoes and minnesota midget melons. We already did asparagus, leeks, broccoli, garlic chives and alpine strawberries. We will be eating good next year. Again thanks to those who sent us some of the seeds above along with some that will be babied and loved and EATEN next year. I am also starting to save up containers for some of the wonderful flowers sent to us. I just needed to get the food stuff going since this is how I help feed all of us in the summer (6 adults and of course Jordan). It really helps with the finances some and knowing that there is food simply sitting outside the door feels so good. I already have a great corner of our yard picked out the plant the flowers...will have to post some pictures as we get it together. Kym, Jordan has been an exceptionlly good girl this year and is anxiously awaiting Santa. Will let you know when he arrives. XOXOXOXO to all, Kim and Jordan
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    My dad hasn't been able to log in and post for over a week, and he's getting pretty frustrated! He emailed gardenweb but they didn't respond yet. Anyways, he sent me this message because he wanted to thank everyone for all of the cards he received so far, which is a lot! ***THANK YOU FROM GARDENDAD_2K10*** Wow wow WOW - I am just overwhelmed with happiness with all of the cards and seeds I have been receiving! Everyone has been very generous and I am very grateful to you all for this. I have a whole pile of cards that I will be thanking people for, so stay with me. BUSTANI - Christmas tree card with a present inside. I opened the present and out came never-ending seeds. Wow wow WOW! I think they were all hand-drawn on and colored with Christmas sayings. I could see that a lot of work went into packaging these up and I am very grateful. She sent Cherry Bomb Pepper, Catnip and Catgrass (Kitty is very grateful), Sugar Snap Peas, Basil Mix, Blue Lake Bush Bean, Nature Sweet Tomato (LOVE TOMATOES!), and Habenero red & orange mix seeds. Thank you very much. You are more than generous and thoughtful. Merry Christmas! DEBBY_1 - Cat with a Santa hat on sticker was sealing the envelope. Very cute. I got a reindeer card and inside was Pepper long red cayenne and rutgers tomato seeds. Thank you very much! Peppers and tomatoes are my specialty and I can't wait to try these out. Happy Holidays! MOLLY_AND_ME - Candy sticker sealing envelope. I think the card was handmade - very professionally done. You have a great talent! I got seed paper that has Mammoth Sweet Basil embedded in it and some catnip for the kitty. How do you make seed paper? It looks great, I am interested in making some of my own sometime. Very creative person - a lot of time has obviously gone into this card and the seed presentation. Thank you and Merry Christmas! JULIE2112 - 3-D mitten card looks very cool. She sent me tons of seeds, how generous! I got onion 'white sweet spanish', pineapple tomato (wow sounds interesting!), amish paste (Have to look that one up), cauliflower 'snowball' (never grown that before but looking forward to it!), cauliflower 'self blanch', beefsteak tomato (one of my favorites), and Rutgers tomato seeds. Thank you very much - I love them all and will plant them with care. Happy holidays! DIRTDADDY - Very cool Elvis Card along with lots and lots of seeds. I got Parsley Extra Triple Curled, Fish Hot Pepper (his favorite, looks interesting!), Louisiana Red Cayenne, Thai Basil, Mavi Purple Hot Pepper, Tepin Pepper, Wenks Hot Pepper, Dr. Wyche's Tomato, and Lemon Drop Hot Chile Pepper seeds. Wow - I can't thank you enough. It must have taken forever to harvest those seeds - I am very grateful and can't wait to grow these. So many varieties that I have never tried before. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas! RUTHZ - Cool snowman card that says 'let it snow' with some great seeds inside. I got yellow eye bush bean, japone pepper, and...
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    Hi all, I'm behind again. I've got 2 days worth of cards to list. From foreverrecyclereuse I received round cantaulope,Broccoli and Grand Rapids lettuce. sent poppies, chives and Buttercrunch lettuce. Panhandle_seed_swap sent a huge package of foxgloves, I would love to plant each one of them. Tularosa Market melon. Dirt Daddy sent a mother lode. There's moneymaker tomato, White lisbon onion, marigold mix, lettuce mix, Super beefsteak tomato, evergreen long white bunching onion, gourmet blend lettuce, bibb lettuce, Aunt Gertie's gold tomato, German Johnson tomato, Abe Lincoln tomato, and Rutgers tomato. Nikkineel sent a wonderful card with a snowman. I received Castor beans, echinacea cheyenne spirit, Cannibals tomato and zinnia swirls. jhgarden9 sent marigolds, Korean melon, and cucumbers. smitties sent sea holly and sombrero echinacia. and last but not least, roper 2008 sent red barn tomato, pink poppy and red and yellow speckled marigold. All I can say is WOW. To each and every one, thank you very much. Debby
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  • robin1962_2008
    12 years ago

    Hi Everyone,Thank You All So Much !!!I`ve never recieved so many Christmas cards! I love it!!I got all of these this week!!
    1.Debby-Santa card with hosta and daylily seeds
    2.April-a beautiful homemade card with her dog`s pic on the front and Fish pepper,okra and bunching onion seeds
    3.Daisyb-beautiful card with church on it and red canna and yellow hibiscus seed
    4.Patti1957- pretty peace card with maui purple pepper,catnip and summer crookneck squash
    5.wipe-yo-feets-a very nice home scene card with catnip seeds
    6.hdiperna-a angel card with sunflower seeds and a very nice tract
    7.naturegirl236-snowman card with red swamp hibiscus and rose of sharon seeds
    8.rane-grow-santa card withyellow hibiscus,columbine and okra
    9.yotetrapper-poinsetta card with hardy hibiscus and okra
    10.Kathy-a card with children making a snowman and shasta daisy,dill,chili pequin and tall sweet williams
    11.keiki-a christmas card from florida with red okra and blue lake bush beans
    12.aunt naunee-a pretty liottle homemade card witha christmas tree and ornamental hot pepper
    13.farmergirl2009-a debbiemum card with chamomile,red poppies,echnacae purpurea magnus and greek oregano
    14.donperkins-a card with lots of seeds:purple hibiscus,garden peach tomato,sunflower mammothrutgers tomato,marglobe tomato,hungarian wax pepper,red habenero peppercrookneck squash,cayenne pepper,jelepeno pepper,red currant tomato,nepta cataria andblack pearl ornamental pepper
    15.snowman card and brads blackheart
    WOW!!!I can`t believe how many I recieved so far!!This is amazing!!! Robin

  • bagardens (Ohio, Zone 5b)
    12 years ago

    I received two cards today!

    ~Catrionaa~ Carrot Danvers Half Long, Radish Crimson Giant, Radish Sparkler White Top (haven't tried either of these radishes and can not wait to do so, I love trying different kinds of radishes), Lettuce Grand Rapids Leaf Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    ~Cherone7~ Cabbage, Turnips (I didn't have turnips on my list, how did you know I wanted to try them next year?), Collards Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    Many, many thanks to both Catrionaa and Cherome7! I can't wait to grow everything.

  • ggwrn
    12 years ago

    I'm starting to get a little worried, I sent all my cards out on the same day and only 3 people have posted that they received them. I hope they did not get lost. I mailed mine in bubble envelopes. I took them to the counter at the post office to mail them, so there should have been enough postage.'


  • velsgarden
    12 years ago

    I got two cards today!!!!!!!!
    1.Lisa 831 sent me wildflowers
    2.fcoffill sent me daylily seeds
    Thank both of you so much.

  • dan_the_mailman
    12 years ago

    Ginger, how long ago did you mail out your seeds, and how did you mail them... first class, or another? Depending on where you mailed them to, it can take 3 to 7 days for first class mail to be delivered right now.

    There are a lot of parcels, packages, bubbled envelopes, and cards in the system right now. As you can imagine, we're being flooded with pieces of mail right now, and the closer to Christmas it gets, the slower the mail can get because of the volume of mail we're dealing with.

    Also, I wouldn't panic just yet. What with the holidays coming up so quickly, dealing with parties, family, kids, and shopping, on top of all the usual stuff, a lot of people just don't get the chance to get online like they did a few weeks ago. I've not been able to muster up the energy myself lately to get online everyday, and even when I do get online, sometimes it's not long before I'm sitting here falling asleep. That's why I'm going to set aside time every weekend to catch up on it all.

    Anywho, just thought I'd throw those thoughts out to everyone wondering when and if they were going to see that their seeds had arrived.


  • isamae
    12 years ago

    Hi, I received another great card yesterday! Thank you Cheryl for the cornodi toro sweet peppers! Happy Holidays! Melissa

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    12 years ago

    ggwrn, I wouldn't worry too much about the delivery. I mailed out 3 batches of cards. The first set of 10 on the 2nd and the last one of that batch was just posted as recieved. There are only 2 that made it from my 12/7 mailing and of course none from my 12/11 mailing. I'm sure that the p.o. is just a bit backed up with the holiday season mailings.


  • pseudacris_crucifer
    12 years ago

    I assume the idea of bingo was to make your own card. If so then: I have GINKO! I mean BANJO! No wait... "BINGO!"

    Thank you all for the get well wishes. I am up and about, and recovered from my operation to the point that I built two PVC looms yesterday with my 7 year old son so that he could make potholders and trivets as Christmas presents.

    Merry Christmas!

  • graanieb
    12 years ago

    So much rain yesterday, broke record for Dec, good thing to be near draining ditches and canals, definitely day to stay indoors and prepare more cards, for one.

    Toni, if you give more explanation I'm going to start doubting you, lol

    Kidding aside, must've been very exciting seeing such rare sight. That's so terrible about fin whale, there must be better ways of depositing it, bringing it further...or packaging meat for hungry.
    Btw, I love dolphins and whales, can't understand protests to save the sharks, know they are beneficial to environment but don't think they'll be near extinct soon.

    Blessed Holidays!



  • dorisl
    12 years ago

    Karen send seeds'n greetings! I was surprised to see the poppy seeds we talked about earlier in the year! Thanks for remembering, karen!

    Crisan sent an awsome polar bear snowman (love it!) and a great selection of Hosta Seeds!

    Thank you to Cheryl for the three wise men with some peas.
    and beans.


    merry xmas!

  • neohippie
    12 years ago

    Thanks rane_grow for the Riesenstaube tomato seeds.

  • lindaruzicka
    12 years ago

    Catching up! I aplolgize for the late posting for some of my Secret Santas. We didn't have power for a day and a half and it really got me backed up!

    Here's what my Secret Seed Santa's sent me:
    ten steps ahead: pretty card with Nicotiana "Only the Lonely"

    Ruth Z. (Zmrozek): cute card with peppermint stick zinna, mexican Sunflower, cypress vine, lantana, 4 o'clocks

    Micyrey: sparkley hand made card with snow nymph salvia

    Sandra (quilting fox) card with sparkly ornament on it with hibiscus cream/pink

    Jean (wishdesign) a card with a cute snowman with dwarf munstead lavender

    Thank you so much everyone! I can't wait until Spring!!

  • karendee
    12 years ago

    Doris, I am glad you got them. I have had your name on them for a while so I was glad you were in this swap!!!
    I was worried when you tried to drop out :)


  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio
    12 years ago


    Mao tse mom sent me a Christmas Story Card with Merlot Echinacea, Bright Lights Cosmos and Geum. The Christmas Story is one of my DH's favorite movies. He watches it every year and laughs just as much as he did the first year he saw it, some 15 years or so ago.

    Debby-1 sent sea holly and zebra grass.

    Thanks to both of you-all seeds that I have been wanting!
    Actually all the Santas that have sent cards have sent just what I asked for from Santa.

  • just1morehosta
    12 years ago

    Ginger,I too,have not seen a lot of posting from those i sent to,and i mailed mine well over 2 weeks ago,maybe even longer than that.A couple have posted, granted, i did not have a lot to send,but i have been waiting to see if more would post they received them??????
    I took mine to the counter,and a few required more postage,which i paid,and away they went.
    I mailed three more Friday.
    I think mine are gone,:0(
    I had one card come,and both sides had been split open by something sharp,i am surprised the seeds even stayed in the card, the only thing keeping it closed was the flap you lick.

  • canyonwind
    12 years ago

    Happy Sunday Morning,

    More Secret Santa spirit arrived yesterday!!!!

    IShareFlowersÂÂsent me heuchera unknown (caramel or marmalade), tiarella silverado, gaillardia razzle dazzle, dianthus heart attack, rudebeckia autumn colors

    ChereÂ..sent me sweet pea explorer mix dwarf, snapdragpon tall mix, foxgloves, sweet peas streamer mix, sweet peas old spice antiques, linaria snapdragon mix, spurred snapdragon northern lights

    Thank you so much for the lovely cards and seeds! Merry Christmas!


  • wipe_yo_feets
    12 years ago

    It's been two weeks, and to my happy surprize I'm *still* receiving the most heart warming cards from Secret Santa.

    This is the best therapy from the cold, super-grey, WET doldrums of what isn't technically winter yet.

    Yesterday I received a card from CATRIONAA that showed a very very white christmas scene. Inside was a treasure of seeds. Radish, carrot, dill, and chili pequin seeds were the jewels within the card.

    I figure since CATRIONAA is mailing from San Antonio she probably knows her peppers, and these are supposed to be HOT. I just happen to be a lover of hot hot hot peppers, and can't wait until the last week in February, so I can get these babies started.

    Thank you very much CATRIONAA. You've brightened my day!!!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  • Frances Coffill
    12 years ago

    Wow! look at those cards flying around the country!
    We are still battling colds here, but I did manage to get my cards mailed at last and it is good to see they are making their way!!!

    I recieved more card this week!

    dan-the-mailman (bump and stella)

    Thank you all for all the lovelies! balloon flowers, impatiens, columbines, marigolds, coleus and more!!! I cannot wait for the solstice to get started! (first to shake this wretched cold)

    Ho Ho Ho everyone! keep watching those mailboxes, soundls like the elves have many many more stops to make!


  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland
    12 years ago

    Hi everyone !! Its a rainy Sunday afternoon here, my son is home for Christmas break so he is sitting here keeping me company while I finish some christmas cards ! Its the first time he has really noticed my seed stash hehe ... he just gives me a look and shakes his head LOL

    I want to send thanks to Debby1 ... she sent me Joe Pye Weed seeds in a really cute tartan homemade card ;-)

    Hope you all stay dry and warm ;-)


  • dorisl
    12 years ago


    I got an envy like that yesterday, it reminded me of the envelope opening machine we had at the bank, it has a sharp blade and you'd run a stack of envy's thru it and it opened them up easy. It works for loan payments, but not so much for seeds.

    The contents were fine tho.

  • rbrady
    12 years ago

    I received another cute card in the mail yesterday-from Debby1, she sent me a columbine mix. Thanks Debby!


  • karendee
    12 years ago

    I had a few that said hand cancel on them but they were stamped by a machine, lol... looks like someone missed the hand cancel written on them at the PO.

    I had w with the seed packs inside busted but the seeds were floating inside.

    I took mine to the counter and she said they all seemed light enough for 1 stamp. She only weighed a few. I hope all mine make it ok. If I don't see many positings here I may send a card #2


  • cryptid
    12 years ago

    YES! Received another card yesterday! Would've posted, *then*, but the card was put in our neighbor's box instead of ours, and the neighbor only brought me the card just a little while ago. Heh,...easy to tell when we have a substitute postal carrier.

    Aaaanyway,...THANK YOU *very much* indeed Kathy (catrionaa), for the kewl sleeping Santa card and "Chili Pequin" pepper seeds!! REALLY wanted these babies!! Thanks for the warning that Pequins are *HOT*! Believe me, I found out the hard way, once, 9 years ago!

    Whenever we buy plant starts, we get like 90% of them at a local nursery outlet that supports and provides employment for our area's handicapped and special needs individuals. So, back in the spring of 2000, we paid a visit to "Greenleaf" (the nursery's name) and I snagged a 6-pack of what was mistakenly labeled as "Thai Hot", but actually turned out to be Pequin. At the end of the growing season I'd saved and dried a whole bunch o' them cute little puppies (still not knowing they were not Thai Hot), and one day, while whackin' some open to extract seeds, I figured "What th' heck,..." and took a small bite of one. Wellllll, lemee tell ya, I about drained a new gallon of milk to put out the fire! LOL! I really like hot peppers, but MAAANNN, that one surprised me!

    I actually still have a small supply of the dried peppers from back then. Lost `em for 5 years, found `em again and planted a few seeds just for the heck of it. Took over a month, but some of the seeds actually broke soil! Unfortunately, though, it was way too late in the season for the seedlings to amount to anything. So, the little dried peppers went back into storage, and sho nuff, once again,...I totally misplaced `em,...only to re-find them again a few months ago. After 9 years, though, I don't have a whole lot of faith that any of the seeds are still viable, and so *really* wanted to grow from *new* ones. As for what I have left of the old ones. I'm going to sow every last seed of them, just for fun, to see if any come up at all. :)

    Since 2000, Greenleaf has never had Pequins again, and I've never found commercial seed packets for sale anywhere in our area. - I'm thinking I'll grow them in planters, with Alysum, perhaps. - Oh, and so I won't loose them, I'm keeping your seeds with your card and it's going into a special manilla envelope, along with all other Secret Santa cards-n-seeds I've received, and that envelope stays right here, beside the computer! :)

    Okay, I've blathered enough, here (LOL), so it's time to "Preview" and "Submit".

    Thanks again, Kathy, BIG TIME!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours!!

    -Cryptid (Darrin)

  • dirtdiggin
    12 years ago

    oh CARP!!! It's snowing!!!! Why can't it wait 'til Christmas...snow...then melt by the 26th? Can I be a weather guesser? They are ALWAYS wrong here!!!!!!!!! LOL Well, to be fair, I'd have to say they were mostly wrong this time. Just a week off from the real snow lol.

    I guess internet shopping is the way to go....



  • ggwrn
    12 years ago

    I'm glad to hear that it might just be that mail delivery is backed up instead of the possibility that the cards are lost. I mailed them out on either the 6th or 7th. The people that have posted that they received from me posted around the 8th or 9th. I mailed them first class.


  • daisyb
    12 years ago

    Received a beautiful card with daylily seeds and green hosta from debby_1 yesterday. Also, velsgarden sent me three kinds of coneflower. I just love them and can't wait to see the different varieties blooming.

  • klorentz
    12 years ago

    As if my heart probs where not bad enough now I have Pneumonia in my right lung. Seems to be going around as at least two others there at the ER where also being treated for it. One very severe.Be careful out thee folks. Right now I am having a hard time sleeping as the coughing has been waking me up often. In case anyone wondered why I have not been posting that often lately this is why.Just want all you good folks to know I have not forgotten you.


  • Kathy Bull
    12 years ago

    More seeds in the mail! Many thanks go to:

    ten_steps-ahead for the lovely winter scene card and the sweet pea seeds

    rane_grow for the cute Santa card and the yellow hibiscus

    Thank you both!

    Melinda - I love asters, too!

    wipe_yo_feets LOL! Yep, them's hot peppers, alright! I made the mistake of NOT using gloves when I harvested the seeds....but I was very careful not to touch my eyes, nose, mouth, etc. I did, however, brush something off my cheek.....felt it about 3-4 minutes later start to burn, then realized what I had done. It burned for about an hour or so. Not bad, but you could tell it was there. No big deal, right? Well, not for my cheek, but my fingers the next day were like sandpaper and started to peel! I guess I burned them pretty good, because although they didn't hurt, they were disgustingly rough. Bottom line - use those gloves!!

    cryptid -- sounds like you had a similar experience to what I had as a kid. Some bratty neighbor boy told me that the plant was a M&M plant that grew green and red M&M's. I fell for it (hey, I was only 5 or so) and my mouth was on fire forever, it seemed. The bratty boy - still remember his name - Eddie - well, lets just say that his mom put some fire to his rear end for pulling that prank! :)

    Anyone else wants any of these little devils, let me know. At least one mother plant didn't freeze back and I still have more drying out.

  • msirie
    12 years ago

    Kevin, thanks for letting us know how you're doing. We all hope you feel better soon. You will be fine. Don't worry about us. Just take care of yourself and get better soon.

    Enjoy the Christmas season! We're all sending good thoughts and Christmas cheer your way.

  • ruthz
    12 years ago

    We got home from PA last night.
    It's been a bad week for our family.
    Hubby's older brother passed away Sunday the 6th.
    MIL & FIL are 84 and 85 and this is their first born and the one that lived closest to them and was always there if they needed something. They (and the rest of us)are really having a rough time. We stayed with them as long as we could.
    Thank you Kym and graanieb for your well wishes.

    I've received 3 cards

    1. debby_1 sent a cute card with Sea Holly
    2. yotetrapper sent a cute card Sea Holly & Nicotiana
    3. poisondartfrog sent a cute elf card with Ammi Visnaga

    Thank you all. These are flowers I really want in my garden next year.

  • agnella
    12 years ago

    Haven't been on in a bit because I was busy winning the Tackiest Sweater contest! Made it myself. Looks like Santa has been busy on GW while I was gone.

    I was just going to say that it sounds like everyone is doing better and then I saw klorentz. Praying you get better soon.

    It seems I ruined my card streak. The last day I got cards I RAN back to the house and even hopped up my steps because I was so excited. The next day and the day after - no cards. That's okay, I'm still sorting seeds from the ones I already have.

    I am really glad that a few of my cards have made it. Don't worry ggrw, only a few of mine have made it and I sent them about the same time as you.

    My bingo streak ran out, too. I only got 1 more word for 11 words total. Got a few more cards to finish so I'm off!

  • dirtdiggin
    12 years ago

    Cryptid - I just found a source for pequin peppers if you are interested. I'd be happy to share a few with you :)

  • ourhappyhome
    12 years ago

    Three cards came today! Thank you , thank you , thank you.

    Pumpkingal, thanks so much for the special little gift. I love the card too. I got sunflower seeds and pink speria.

    Barbra, the Coleus arrived today too. Muchas Gracias!

    Lisa831, I can't wait to try the "whites". As you know, I love to try new veggies :-)

    Thanks to everyone for making my day brighter. Happy Holiday!

  • appaloosa909
    12 years ago

    I got some great cards today!!!!

    Thanks to
    Crisann for the nasturtium and 4 O'clocks
    Angela (yotetrapper) for the stock seeds - loved the seed packet!
    Patti (patti1957) for the black and black krim tomato seedsLisa (pumpkingal) for the bell peppers, 4 o'clocks, nasturtium and pomagranit seeds... also for the birdhouse project and your handmade card... very cute!
    Toni (dirtdiggin and family) for the black crimson, black from tula, and black krim tomato seeds
    Kathy (catrionia) for the four o'clock seeds
    Melinda (ilovefarac for the 4 o'clocks and purple feather celosia (LOVE PURPLE)

    Thanks everyone, Like everyone else here I am so excited to go to the mailbox. Hope everyone has a great holiday season.


  • Melinda Hagen
    12 years ago

    I rec'd a couple of wonderful cards today!
    Frances/fcoffill sent me swiss giant pansies! Yeah!
    And Jill/naturegirl236 sent me acorn squash, hot pink feather celosia, and downy aster!!
    Thanks to both of you! I love them all and will be planting some soon!

    Please keep checking mailboxes!! I have sent many and not seen any posted yet! Surprises continue!!

  • msirie
    12 years ago

    Thank yous goes out to rane_grow, farmergirl2009 and pumkingal. You guys are so generous. My now barebone garden will be the hit of the neighborhood in the spring, summer and long after.

    And pumkingirl a special thanks for your handmade card and my gift. Your assortment was also amazing.

    BTW, is anyone here going a lasagne garden? I am and I am so delighted with the results so far. Just curious to see how well my plants will love it.

  • quiltingfox
    12 years ago

    Dirtdiggin the whale sighting sounded so cool. Well it is very rainy here and in the 70's today. Suppose to start getting cold again tomorrow. I have a few plants that have gotten frozen like my Mexican Heather and some of my daylilies. Interestingly enough, my first time to grow this plant, the Toad Lily which struggled all summer in our heat seems to be enjoying the cold, wet, overcast weather.

    A big thank you for the Christmas cards and seeds I got in the mail today:

    Karendee - Seeds 'N Greetings cards - pink cleome

    Daffodillady - A beautiful wooden church surrounded by snow - formosa lily and ornamental cabbage

    Thank you so much for sending the Christmas spirit my way. Busy making a Christmas present today for my M-I-L. Well off to my embroidery work.

    Best to you and many thanks,

  • ruthz
    12 years ago

    Finally got to go mailboxing today.
    Actually my daughter got the mail.
    I got a beautiful handmade card w/ a clown doll (which I collect) on front
    and a decorate yourself ornament from pumkingal
    with a very generous amount of seeds
    eyeball plant seeds
    hollyhock mix,
    Rudbeckia Cappuccino (much wanted)
    Snow on The Mountain

    Thank you and hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • hibiscusfan -Northwest Ohio
    12 years ago

    Thanks to Lisa831 for the nice card and zinna seeds. I always put zinnas and marigolds around my garden every year to help keep the racoons out.

    Thanks to Catrionaa for the 4 O'Clocks and purple Fountain Grass. Yea my first pack of 4-O's! Does anyone know if I can winter sow the fountain grass, I'm fairly new to WSowing.

  • ggwrn
    12 years ago

    I received 2 cards today - catrionaa sent double bachelor buttons, tall snapdragons, four 'o clocks and pequin chili (after reading about this pepper online I can't wait to try it). dirtdiggin sent black krim and chocolate cherry tomatoes. Thank you both very much! With all the great tomato and pepper seeds I have received I'm planning on making a lot of hot salsa. I didn't have enough tomatoes to do that this past summer.


  • perkybarb
    12 years ago

    So exciting. Went to the mailbox and received 3 cards today.
    Pumpingal sent a very cute hand made card with 3 different seeds and a gift. Thanks so much.
    Karendee sent a very cute hand made card and Cosmos seeds. Thanks Karen!
    Catrionci aka Kathy sent a very pretty card with birds on it along with Four O'Clocks. Thanks Kathy!
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all!

  • perkybarb
    12 years ago

    Just want to correct my previous post. The third card was received from Catrionaa. Sorry about that Kathy!

  • canyonwind
    12 years ago

    More Christmas cheer in the mail today.......

    Robin1962-2008...sent me sweet burpless cucumbers

    Mao tse mom...sent me calendula candy may orange, sunflower citrus gold and ??? geum mix ??? variegated (I'll figure it out and I will love it...LOL)

    Bashful Gardener...sent me sunflower mix, sweet pea cupid pink, tomato pink brandywine, tomato super marmande....loved your Twas the night before Christmas poem!!!!

    Cheryl...sent me homemade pickle cucumber

    I thank you for the cards and the seeds.....wonderful!!! I love reading everyones

    This secret santa swap is so cool!!! Thanks again Santa Kym

    Merry Christmas!!


  • karendee
    12 years ago

    FEEL better soon Kevin!!!!

    I got more cards today!

    Frances sent Bells of Ireland! YEAH

    Catrionaa sent me alyssum and 4 o'clocks (I have a nice stash of these now and I am so hapy)

    daffodillady sent peppermints (so cute), alyssum, maximillian sunflower, formosa lilly, ornamental peppers (neat), and zinnia.

    This is the most fun swap I have ever done! I love the cards and seeds. Next year my wish list might just be a color of flower or heck anything you want to send me. I just like getting the cards. It is a big pick me up.

    I sent out 3 more yesterday....I hope they arrive soon.


  • jas_il
    12 years ago

    I got two more cards.

    Karendee sent me cute homemade card and sweet pea seeds. I love sweet peas. Thank you so much.

    Crisann sent me sweet peas pink and mixed, marigold 'french vanilla', snow drift. Wow I can't wait to try them. Thanks a lot.


  • graanieb
    12 years ago

    Well wishes Kevin, hold on strong.
    Ruth, so sorry for your family's loss, gentle healing to you and all.

    Got a card with 2 recipes and seeds of Easter Eggplant from Lisa831, thank you Lisa.

    Quilting, hope you're not under flood watch.

    Sent 4 more cards today and realizing I've ran out of stamps, again! lol Wish we were in person, shake hands, hug, hand bouquets of seeds to everyone...oh well, this is still lots of fun.


  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland
    12 years ago

    Oh my ... santa's garden elves have been very busy !! My mailbox was overflowing today when I got home from work !

    Many thanks go to :

    GraanieB - sent confederate rose double pink hibiscus , coral nymph salvia, night blooming jasmine, triple yellow datura , burgundy giant celosia

    Naturegirl236 sent blue bedder sage salvia farinacea , summerlong basil , downy aster and pineapple sage

    Karendee sent a Seeds n Greetings (cute) card with french marigold seeds

    Pumkingal sent a really cute homemade card with sweet yellow and red pepper seeds, cherokee sunset rudbeckia ,columbine mix , purple coneflower , crazy daisy , blue moon lilliput aster , hollyhocks and joe pye weed and an ornament craft !

    Daffodillady sent giant zinnia , candy cane zinnia, lilliput zinnia,snapdragons, gloriosa daisy, sweet williams, forget me nots, 2 packs of NOID tomato seeds, red gomphrena, sams club peppers, 4 o'clocks, ornamental cabbage , JL's yellow rose, formosa lily, sweet banana peppers, mixed ornamental peppers, sweet dumpling squash and mixed hardy hibiscus

    and I think it was Daffodillady who sent ( all these wonderful envies got a little mixed up with this last " packet " - " peppermintious delectus cuttings " YUM ... can y'all guess what it is ?? hee hee !!

    Thank you all so very much for your generosity , I love all the seeds and can hardly wait for spring to grow them, my garden is going to be so beautiful thanks to you ! I feel very blessed to be a part of GW , I wish I could give everyone good health and happiness this holiday season and in the New Year !


  • yotetrapper
    12 years ago

    Sent a few cards out today, last of them being mailed tomorrow. Haven't got any in the past few days.